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Aboveground Storage Tank Painting, Coating, Restoration.

Aboveground Storage Tank Painting, Coating, and Restoration.

Don Wood Inc. can help you stop corrosion on it's track! Exterior Coating Services for Water Tanks, Fuel Tanks, Oil Tanks & Chemical Tanks. 

Don Wood's tank coating specialists prepare and coat chemical, fuel, oil and water tank exteriors and bottoms in accordance with API Standard 653.

The key to sustaining the life of your fuel tank is all about the paint job and maintenance. Failure to maintain the structure can lead to corrosion of the structure and a fuel leak – which would be catastrophic to your business and the environment.

We have plenty of experience restoring, coating, and maintaining fuel tanks so your product remains safely contained.

Our contractors provide:

  • Fuel tank sandblasting to clean and restore your structure

  • State-of-the-art tank painting technology that offers a superior coatings application

  • In-house welding and repairs to extend the lifespan of your fuel tank

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At Don Wood Inc. we go through various stages to prepare, recoat and paint fuel tanks, pipes and concrete. 

1. Pressure wash with a minimum of 3,500 psi to remove all dirt, mold, mildew, loose non bonded paint

and foreign matter

2. Prepare surfaces in accordance with SSPC-SP-2, Hand Tool Cleaning and/or SSPC-SP-3 and Power


3. Apply one (1) full prime coat of polyamide epoxy according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Apply one (1) finish coat to the sides and two (2) fishing coats to the top of the tanks using acrylic

aliphatic urethane according to manufacturer’s’ recommendations.

5. Apply decals per NFPA Fire Code 30

6. Calk and seal around all penetrations on top of the tanks

7. Prepare, prime and paint metal midways and fitting located on top of the tanks and are currently showing

signs of corrosion

8. Prime and paint all the aboveground pipes in the containment area

Secondary Containment


9. Abrade and prepare the containment floor to obtain proper profile on concrete containment

10. Repair and seal existing cracks on containment

11. Apply a first coat of Corobond 100 Epoxy primer/sealer

12. Apply a second coat of Kem Cati-Coat HS epoxy

13. Apply a final coat of Shelcote II epoxy filler/sealer

14. Clean area as per existing conditions and properly dispose of debris

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