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Veeder - Root Installation/Setup

Don Wood Inc. provides professional Veeder - Root Repair services.

When you have Veeder - Root repair problems, our expert customer service representatives will help you solve them with workable, economical solutions - even if yours is time sensitive and you need rush service.

Don Wood Inc. services most Veeder - Root electronic equipment. We are an authorized distributor for Veeder - Root and we have certified technicians to install your Veeder - Root in Central Florida and the Orlando area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does a flashing red light mean on a Veeder-Root? 

Answer: The TLS-350 and TLS-450PLUS ATGs are constantly monitoring their probes and sensors for warning and alarm conditions, such as fuel leaks, excessively high or low fuel levels, and equipment problems. When in the operating mode and there are no warning or alarm conditions active, the ATG displays the following message: ALL FUNCTIONS NORMAL (for the TLS-350) and SYSTEM STATUS, in green (for the TLS-450PLUS).

If a warning or alarm condition occurs, the ATG displays the alarm type and its location - either tank, input or sensor number. The system prints an alarm report showing the warning or alarm type, its location and the date and time the warning or alarm condition occurred. If more than one alarm or warning exists, the ATG will flash the messages alternately.

WARNINGS: Indicate that an in-tank alarm is imminent or that a system fault has occurred.

ALARMS: Indicate a potentially dangerous situation may have occurred.

Question: Can I connect/read my Veeder -Root from my phone?

Answer: The Remote View application is available on Android and iOS mobile devices for accessing inventory, delivery and alarm data real-time, as it is continuously connected to the automatic tank gauge. While the Plus View application is similar to the Remote App View, it is intended for more remote or mobile applications. It automatically pulls data every 15 minutes for checking status without pulling a constant stream of data.

Question: How often should I certify my Veeder-Root?

Answer: It is required to certify your Veeder-Root by a certified technician once a year to review the Veeder-Root OH&S management system, verify its alignment with the standard, and recommend areas for improvement.

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