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In-Situ Double Wall Fiberglass Tank Construction

Florida DEP Approved Tank EQ# 979


The Rafibra Systems converts a single wall tank to a double wall tank within the existing tank with an interstitial space that can be continuously monitored.

The work consists of manufacturing a double wall tank inside an old tank, with a permanent leak detection solution, transforming a single wall tank into a double wall one.

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The Rafibra System is used on:


  • Underground and aboveground storage tanks

  • Vertical and horizontal fuel tanks

  • Retail and private fueling stations

  • Oil refineries, Petrochemical and other fuel storage facilities

  • Double wall tanks which are past their life expectancy

  • Single wall steel and fiberglass tanks being converted to double wall tanks

Advantage of our Method:

  • The process takes only 7 days per tank as opposed to an average of 2 months for the traditional tank replacement project

  • Project can be scheduled within weeks as opposed to several months for a tank replacement

  • The structural strength is superior and without a match in the industry and can withstand a pressure test of 70 PSI. A typical shop fabricated tank can only withstand 3 to 5 PSI

  • Most cities and towns do not require special construction permits and approvals for this system

  • Does not have the risk of “change orders” for shoring or dewatering often part of a traditional tank replacement project

  • The cost is less than half of a traditional tank replacement

  • Facilities can remain open while the tanks are built in-situ

Installation of the permanent and automatic leak detection system on the detection chamber.

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